Business Writing Skill Training Sharjah

What is Presentation Skills?

Business Writing Skills Training also known as Professional Writing Training or Business Communication Training.

The process of training people to communicate professionally in writing is known as Business Writing Skills. Our training program will include writing skills for business emails, proposals, report writing and other ways of communication used for internal and external resources. To earn credibility and to get the results you want from your fellow staff, colleagues, clients and top management, you need to write with clarity and conviction. Mastering Business Writing skills helps you to be effective and impactful in delivering your message without wasting time.

What will you learn in Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute?

The expert trainer of Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute will help you define the key concepts related to Business Writing Skills :-

  • To write effectively with the knowledge of the basic tools in writing
  • Master the punctuation and spelling techniques.
  • To develop a good and effective technical writing style
  • To avoid making common mistakes in technical writing
  • To learn the formal language needed for business communication
  • To understand the basic grammar
  • To efficiently and competently write minutes of the meeting, progress reports, memorandums, letters, technical reports, emails, proposals, business letters and resumes.
  • To deliver an effective presentation
Course Contents:-
  • Introduction :-
    • Creative Writing
    • Technical Writing
  • Writing Pillars
  • Punctuation & Noise Elimination
  • Basic Grammatical Review
  • Types of Technical Writing
    • Internal Correspondences
    • External Correspondences
    • Advance type of Writing
  • Classifications and Peculiarities of Business Writing/ Communication
  • Titles of Addressees
  • Concept of Reader’s Perception, Audience and Targets in Business Communication
  • Vocabulary.
  • Writing Meeting Agendas, Memorandums, Emails, Proposals, Reports and Business Letters.
  • Other typing of Documents
  • Global Email Business Etiquette
  • Common Errors
  • Abbreviations

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