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The CELPIP is the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of the University of Columbia. CELPIP is an English language proficiency evaluating tool to judge the candidate’s efficiency in four components: listening, reading, writing and speaking. It provides a valid and reliable measurement of test takers' English abilities in a variety of everyday situations, such as communicating with coworkers and superiors in the workplace, understanding newscasts and interpreting and responding to written materials. If you are searching for the best source for CELPIP test preparation in Sharjah, Elite Stars Easy Learn should be your choice.

About the test

CELPIP is a computer based English proficiency test designated by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for permanent resident status in Canada and Canadian Citizenship. It is of two types

  • CELPIP General Test
  • CELPIP General LS Test.

The CELPIP General test is suitable for those who want to apply for a permanent resident in Canada, whereas the CELPIP General LS test is suitable for those who want to acquire a Canadian citizenship.


This is a test of a total duration of 180 minutes (3 hours). The test comprises four sections that assess your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Since it is done on the computer, it is easy to keep a track of how much time is left for each of the tasks. CELPIP is a quick, reliable testing experience. You can also go for CELPIP online training.

  • The listening part is of total 47 minutes. It can vary from listening to a normal conversation or a news material.
  • The reading part is of 60 minutes. The test taker can be asked to read any article, a diagram and so on.
  • The next part is the writing part in which an individual can be asked to write a mail. It lasts for about 53 minutes.
  • The last segment is speaking part of 20 minutes where you will have to speak or talk on any event or a life experience.

This is a test of a total duration of 70 minutes (1 hour 10 minutes).

It is a computer-based test consisting of just listening and speaking skills. The listening part is 47 minutes and the speaking part is 20 minutes.


Performance in each CELPIP component is determined with CELPIP levels ranging from 1 to 12. No parameter is fixed to judge a pass or fail. A Score of 1 to 12 for each section is calculated against the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels.


We have an experienced staff of trainers and experts to give the best advice to the students. Hence, we are the best CELPIP training institute in Sharjah. Professional trainers also give individual attention to the students to perform well. They know how academic theory relates to the real-world conditions, and they are dedicated to sharing the practical dimension in the class. Special counseling sessions are also arranged by the professionals to understand the real challenge and to give the expert advice on career selection and opportunities. You can learn after the CELPIP review in Sharjah. You can know more about spoken English. We offer special weekend classes for professionals and homemakers too. You can count on us for the best CELPIP training in Sharjah.

Elite Stars specialized training for CELPIP

In this course, you will study the four essential skills assessed in the CELPIP exam: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will benefit from our guidance while preparing for the CELPIP exam in Sharjah. You will also get expert advice from your instructor on how to develop your English grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, time-management and accent. Preparing and practicing for CELPIP significantly increases your chances of getting the score in your CELPIP exam. You can also go for CELPIP training online. Our CELPIP course is specially designed to optimize your test potential. You will get individual attention from your instructor, to be able to understand the structure of each module properly and how to approach each section of the test efficiently.

The best CELPIP coaching online preparation is necessary to taste success. English is considered as a medium for communication with co-workers, superiors and colleagues at the workspace. It is important to attain expertise in the English language if you want to truly succeed. Contact our expert team who will guide you more about the CELPIP preparation course online.


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