Privacy Policy

Kindly read the following terms and conditions very carefully. After authorizing the payment to Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute, it will be considered that you agree with terms and conditions. Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute reserves the right to alter, change and amend these terms and conditions without sharing any prior notice. We assume the user has read and understood all terms and conditions prior to using our service.

  • Payment - We accept payment through debit card, credit card and net bankings.
  • We recommend that users should conduct enquiries about charges and fees payable against Debit/Credit card from their respective bank/service provider.
  • The entire information about the credit card shared during the time of service is processed by payment gateway. Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute has nothing to do with it. The user of our service is supposed to enter the correct information in relevant fields. To be on the safer side and for record keeping, you should keep a copy of transactions. This can also help in later stages such as any dispute.
  • The applicant must understand that his/her personal data including commercial details of Debit card/ Credit card/net banking shared over the Internet can be misused. The threat of hacking, online fraud is also present. Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute does not have any control over such matters.
  • Our service is provided through a secure payment gateway service provider. However, please note that both payment gateway service provider and Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute does not give any assurance that information shared through online platforms by any user is fully secure. Unauthorized third party interception can collect the information. Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute will not accept any responsibility in case of any such unauthorized interception, hacking attempt.
  • Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute or Payment Service Providers cannot be held liable for delay, error, inaccuracy, omission, transmission, loss, non-performance or damage to data. Under no circumstances, Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute or its employees, payment service provider, director, third party agents can be held liable for any direct, indirect special, incidental or any consequential damage.
  • The applicant must assure that Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute or any of its employees will not be held accountable for any damage or loss caused by the information present on the website or by failure to comply with terms and conditions.
  • The applicant must share correct and authentic Debit card/Credit card details. He or she will not use an unauthorized Debit card/Credit card for using aforesaid services. The details must be valid.
  • The applicant is free to deposit his/her application/initial fees with Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute by using online transfer or by Debit card/Credit card. The applicant must ensure that he/she is fully entitled to use such accounts/cards for making transactions. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that sufficient credit is available in the nominated bank account/ card at the time of making payment for clearing the dues.

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