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The details followed by the thesis statement should stick around the central idea. Get best IELTS review in sharjah and OET preparation in Sharjah now!

When someone writes something then the motive of writing never gets completed until there is someone to read it. So if there the people out there to read then the write up should be in a proper way because it will help the reader to receive the input effectively, and get the best IELTS training along with OET or PTE preparation, review and exam in Sharjah at Easy Learn. There are certain rules to write a paragraph in order to save time and energy of the readers and some of the properties of a perfect paragraph are given below.


When any paragraph starts the very first sentence is pushed little bit behind leaving a bit of space is called indent, and get the IELTS review in Sharjah on writing skills.

The theme of the consecutive paragraph

The central idea of a paragraph should be carried throughout the paragraph, so it is clear here that if one is narrating an idea in the paragraph should continue to stick around the same idea in the throughout the paragraph. Thesis statement is the very first sentence of the paragraph that tells about the central idea of the paragraph.


The thesis statement reflects the central idea and the next sentences one after another should be related to the central idea, so the flow should exist in the development of an idea from one sentence to another. The general idea is that sentence connects the sentence while paragraph connects the paragraph.

Skip a line

When a paragraph is changed there should exist the gap of a line in between two paragraphs and after the indent exists in very first paragraph then there is no need of indent in the next paragraph because the line gap is sufficient, instead if the line gap does not exist between the two paragraphs then indent is required to show or indicate the paragraph change. So it is clear now that skip a line does not exist with the indent together, so do OET preparation in Sharjah with the best trainers.

Length of the Paragraph When it comes to the length of the paragraph then sometimes a paragraph ends up in a sentence, but it rarely happens especially in the academic writing activities. Generally a paragraph can have five to ten line but in IELTS or TOEFL exams the paragraphs should have not more than five lines the reason is that if an applicant tries to be more descriptive then he or she becomes more prone to the mistakes.

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