A description of the OET preparation course for the occupational English test

Our OET prep course can help you gain assurance in order to give you a better knowledge of what you need to pass the OET test because we are aware that many learners work hard for this English examination. Additionally, you'll receive customised comments and assistance so that you may focus on the areas where you need to make improvements before the test.

Results of OET Preparation courses

Our OET Test Preparation course is meticulously planned out and includes lessons on exam technique. You will acquire the knowledge necessary to pass the examination throughout each course, as well as prepare for test day. What to anticipate from UAE Study Centres?

  • Feel ready to take the OET Test.
  • Learn the necessary abilities needed to pass the test.
  • Understand the test's structure, evaluation standards, and expectations.
  • Through interactions with other healthcare professionals from throughout the world, you have developed your network. Take your OET review in Sharjah now!
  • The Occupational English Test: What Is It?

    The OET is not an assessment of your medical knowledge; rather, it is an English language assessment for healthcare practitioners. Your ability to speak clearly in English language in a medical environment is evaluated by the exam. In contrast to other English language testing options like the IELTS, this is different. Learn more about the distinctions between the OET and IELTS.

    You can learn the techniques you need to feel more secure functioning in medical care domain in the English speaking countries by taking a test preparation programme through our Study Centres.

    What will the OET test cover?
  • The test consists of four sections: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening.
  • Your comprehension of English in a professional-related healthcare setting is evaluated in each section of the test.
  • The writing and speaking portions of the test are industry-specific.
  • Develop the abilities you'll require to help you feel more at ease when practicing in healthcare settings of the English speaking countries.
  • Who is being tested?

    For 12 distinct healthcare vocations, the exam is created. Any profession may be tested on the reading and listening sections.

    It's not an examination of your medical expertise; it's an English language test. The Writing and Speaking sections of the test are tailored to your line of work. Buy now a caregiver online course with us!

    Who is eligible for the OET exam?

    Healthcare councils, governments, and institutions in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Namibia, and Ukraine all acknowledge the OET.

    You may utilise your score when submitting an application to the Medical Council and the NMC in the UAE. OET's reputation continues to spread around the globe, and most recently, Imperial College London announced that OET would now be recognized when applying to its medical school. Find out more about those that recognise OET.

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