A Proclamation for the Internet's Future

We share a belief in the power of digital tools to enable connectivity, democracy, security, the rule of law, long-term development, and the fulfilment of rights and basic freedoms. As we increasingly use digital technology to work, communicate, connect, interact, learn, and relish leisure time, our reliance on an open, free, international, interoperable, dependable, and protected Internet will expand. We are also cognizant of the hazards associated with such dependency, as well as the obstacles we confront.

a new Declaration again for Future of technology that encompasses all partners that actively support an open, free, international, interoperable, dependable, and secure future for the Internet. We reiterate our commitment to preserving and upholding human rights in the digital economy. Contact us for Website Designing Training in Sharjah!

Partners in this Proclamation intend to work toward surroundings that strengthens our democratic structures and encourages active participation of all citizens in democratic processes, needs to secure and protects individuals' privacy, continues to maintain stable and safe connectivity, withstands efforts to fragment the World Wide Web, and promotes a free and fair global economy. Partners in this Declaration welcome additional partners who accept this vision to join us in establishing basic guidelines for our role next season of the global Internet, in collaboration with civilized society and other stakeholders.

Taking Back the Internet's Promise

The Internet's enormous potential originated from its layout: it is an open "network of networks," a single linked communication standard for all of mankind. The stable and secure functioning of the Internet's unique identifier systems has been managed from the start by a multi-stakeholder method to minimize Internet fragmentation, which remains an important aspect of our mission.

Interconnection offers greater access to consumers and fairer competition for businesses, innovators, and the innovation centers as a whole; new audiences for artists and creators; and unrestricted access to knowledge for everyone. With the birth of the International network came a surge in creativity, dynamic communication, increasing cross-border flow of data, and market expansion well as the development of new digital goods and services that today pervade every part of our everyday lives.

However, substantial challenges to this vision have emerged during the previous two decades. Some authoritarian governments restrict access to the open Internet, and online social media and digital technologies are increasingly being utilized to stifle freedom of speech and expression and restrict other fundamental rights and freedoms. Visit us for IELTS preparation in Sharjah!

State-sponsored or sanctioned bad activity, including the propagation of misinformation and cybercrimes such as ransom ware, is on the rise, threatening the security and resilience of key infrastructure while putting essential formal and informal assets at risk.

Simultaneously, nations have established firewalls and adopted other technological means, such as Internet breakdowns, to limit access to news, information, and services in ways that violate international human rights obligations and duties. Some governments and business entities have taken coordinated or independent steps to exploit the transparency of Good governance and associated procedures in order to achieve a closed vision.

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