Mini autopsy of the literature

Most of the time when we read something we generally understand that what the content is all about, but sometimes it happens when we read something we feel that something is missing. It is all about to understand the elements which help with the point of view along with his tone he used in the narration.

Purpose, view point and tone are traced with the help of these elements that also helps the reader in understanding the message of the writer deeply. Now IELTS training in Sharjah has gone easy!

Understand the literary elements of writing

The literary elements are the part of the literature, when these elements are organized in a proper way the literature becomes unique. The eight literary elements’ basics are discussed below on the basis of the story 'Finding Nemo'.

Setting: The setting is nothing but the location of the story that where the story took place. The setting of the ‘Finding Nemo’ was in the contemporary times and it was underneath the Pacific Ocean. One thing here we need to understand that in the entire story there was nothing like Pacific Ocean mentioned but the story started off in the ocean near the United States and finished at the coasts of Australia, so the common sense says that the ocean between the United States and Australia is the Pacific Ocean. Take PTE exam in Sharjah at Easy Learn!

Characters: In the story any living being animal or human does exist doing something is called as character, and like every story has characters so ‘Finding Nemo’ has also some fishes as the character and even they have names like Nemo and Dory etc.

Plot: The important events in the story or the deeds portrayed by the characters in the story are plots. The main idea of the story ‘Finding Nemo’ portrays the bonding between a clown fish father and a lost offspring named Nemo, so father clown fish was on the search of Nemo. Take IELTS exam in Sharjah!

Conflict: Any big problem in the story that is needed to be solved is called the conflict. In the story ‘Finding Nemo’ the father clown fish has to find his offspring throughout the story, whom he found by the end of the story. Do IELTS preparation in Sharjah at our Institute!

Narrator: It is the person who tells the story but narrator is different from the author.

Theme: The theme of the story is about the life and its struggle, and the struggle comes due to the hindrances on the way to goals, so fear of loss also exists. The determination and excessive effort is also the theme of the story. Go for OET exam in Sharjah!

Mood: The mood of the story depends on what types of emotions are roused by within the reader. Though the story 'Finding Nemo' has a happy ending but throughout the plots the readers are worried until the end because the struggle borne by Nemo’s father was creating confusion about the end of the story and this inflicts the stress along with the fear on the readers.

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