What is a spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet is a software program designed to store data in tabular form. These applications are powerful and can perform all kinds of basic arithmetic to advanced mathematical and statistical calculations. The data is entered into individual cells and stored for future reference or processing. There are hundreds of built-in functions in these programs that can facilitate hundreds of tasks and simplify calculations. These functions can be used within different formulas or separately. With the simplicity of use and advance functions, spreadsheets have become widely popular for bookkeeping.

The earliest examples of the spreadsheet application are VisiCalc and SuperCalc for apple computers in the early 80s, Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS-based IBM machines, Quatropro, etc. Microsoft Excel is the world's top leading spreadsheet software that has the highest market share globally. Google Sheets is a relatively new entrant as compared to Microsoft Excel. Owing to the popularity and its capabilities, MS Excel skills are a must-learn for professionals. Easy Learn Training Institute provides MS Excel Training in Sharjah to help develop the skills that are good for career progression and development.

Ms excel & lotus 1-2-3

Excel launched in the Mid-late 80s, and from the onset, it started to gain popularity and captured a large share of the market from IBM's Lotus 1-2-3. By 1995 Microsoft; started marketing its Office suite, which featured MS Excel, and by this time, MS Excel was a top market player. Ultimately Lotus 1-2-3 was discontinued by IBM in 2013.

Common uses of ms excel

MS Excel is one of the most powerful analytical tools and used for a variety of purposes like


With the freedom to use this versatile application for different purposes, MS Excel offers huge advantages like automatic & accurate calculations, easily accessible data, easy data organizing, ease of analysis, Visual reports, and chart preparation. The tedious mathematical problems and boring accounting routines; are greatly simplified by the use of MS Excel. All those time-consuming jobs that take hours and days to complete manually; are solved instantly. MS Excel is available with a powerful tool like VBA that enhances its capabilities beyond limits and increases productivity further. Another advantage Excel offers is its ability to take receive data from external sources automatically. A powerful feature that helps users perform tasks more efficiently, without repeating them.

However, to utilize the power and functionality of Micro-Soft Excel, it must be learned and practiced more vigorously at advanced levels. For Web Development Training in Sharjah, Easy Learn Training Institute has designed advanced training facilities for the students and professionals. Our training is suitable for those who want to excel in their fields and develop practical skills; that can help them in the most crucial aspects of modern work related to performing mathematical and statistical operations on data.

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