Obstacles in learning new language

We believed that there are the extra advantages to learn any second language as a child which is only true up to the certain extent. It is true that children have the benefits over adults that are mentioned below

  • The very first advantage a child has over an adult learner is that a child is fearless to commit the mistakes, though they lack in vocabulary they will never give up while the adults will be embarrassed and afraid of committing the mistakes. Now training, exam and review of OET, IELTS and PTE is available in Sharjah.
  • The second thing is that adults do not have time as a child has, and the child can spend thousands of hours to the exposure of the foreign language, while an adult cannot imagine it in normal conditions.
  • Within the life span of 6 months to 12 months children learn the phonetics of the language more effectively and here where the adults lack.

But it does not mean that an adult is not a good language learner, it is only a myth. The reality is that though a child has advantages but still the adults are good learners.

Understanding versus knowing

Many times adults fail to learn a new language because certainly they lack in patience and the moment they fail to fathom grammatical points they give, but giving up does not exist in the lexicon the children. Take PTE exam in Sharjah at reputed institute. A word and its meaning, sentence structure and grammatical points etc. is needed to be understand with help of correlations, images, emotions, taste, sight and feeling etc. if an adult succeeds in doing so or succeeds in setting up the connections he can retain the language until the last sigh of his life.

Understanding the concept is better than knowing because it is something related to longevity and the understanding comes from acquiring the tings with the help of comprehensively input, and before this one need to understand that memory is a connection from one point to another within the brain. If the things are understood and practised then neurons create the branches with in the brain which means that the certain thing that is understood is going to be retained by the brain for long time. Do not ignore OET training in Sharjah!

Challenges in learning a new language
  • No doubt that because of good listening, reading and writing skills a learner can manage grammar also but when it comes to speaking learners feels the nervous because in this productive skill nobody wants to commit mistakes. Take IELTS training in Sharjah at Easy Learn!
  • The rate of the speech of the native speakers is high so it put the learner into difficulty who is good at speaking though, because of high rate of speech sometimes
  • Learning of the vocabulary is important but it is the waste of time if that vocabulary is not used to revise in daily life because the learner will forget the word very soon or will fail to use that word on time. Go for OET exam in Sharjah with Easy Learn!
  • The experts believe that a learner should focus on what he is speaking rather than to whom he is speaking.

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