Occupational English Test general strategies

All OET examinees are already used to high-pressure conditions, but each exam is unique and requires different preparation and resources, so make sure you understand what you need to accomplish before taking the test.


You ought to do the following a week before your test:

  • Check your enrolment for correctness; if there are any issues, contact the OET helpdesk.
  • If feasible, go to the testing location. It might be beneficial to understand how long it will take you to get in and to view the exam location where you will take your test.
  • Work on exam materials as though it were Assessment Day. Take an OET exam in Sharjah!
  • Examine your Practice Test scores and the information in this book to discover your strengths and shortcomings. Use the final week prior to the Test Day to work on your weak points and review the chapters in this book.

A day prior to the test

Avoid performing heavy study a day before the exam. As healthcare professionals, you are most certainly studying for the exam in addition to your hectic job schedule. You are likely to know everything you need to know about taking OET on a day before the test. Instead of attempting to study new knowledge, you may find it beneficial to review essential methods, prepare anything you will need on Test Day, and try to find some spare time to relax.

The day of Test

Arrive early to your exam location; administrators will not accept latecomers. Make sure you take your test kit, including your ID, with you.Try not to worry about your performance during the test. Instead, concentrate on delivering the proper response, actively reading and listening, and speaking and writing correctly. Consider how well you prepared, and be confident and optimistic about your ability.

During the test

OET demands intense focus and rapid reactions. Your mental state while taking the test will influence your result. Here are some pointers to help you perform well on the OET. Meet the Meet the Best Digital Marketing Training Sharjah!

When you get stuck on OET, whether it's attempting to know what a speaker says in the Listening assessment, attempting to discover meaning in a difficult passage in the Reading assessment, or struggling to recall the correct words or phrases to use in the Writing and Speaking Tests, reassure yourself that it's okay to make mistakes. You don't have to get it all perfect to obtain a decent score, so don't waste time on a question that's too tough for you or attempting to recall a term to use. Move on! Make an informed estimate or clarify what you intend as best you can.

After the test

After all of your hard work preparing for OET, don't forget to rejoice when it's finished. Gather your relatives and friends, rest, and have a good time. You have a lot to be happy about: you studied for the exam ahead of time. You gave it your all. You've done all possible to achieve a decent grade.

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