Paraphrasing or Rewriting: The Basics

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When it comes to the content writing and the requirement is that the content should be unique then the paraphrasing works to achieve the goal that is to avoid plagiarism. The paraphrasing is nothing but rewording or rewriting the given things in your words, and here there are no rules related to the size of sentence, which means that a sentence can be bigger or smaller in compare to its origin after getting paraphrased but the context should not change. Paraphrasing is very important to know if you want to study abroad and get this with the best IELTS training in Sharjah along with PTE, OET and IELTS preparation, review and then take exam.

Some of the main steps are suggested below to paraphrase the sentence or paragraph

Read the content that is to be paraphrased

The content which is supposed to be paraphrased should be read by the person repeatedly many times until the main idea of the sentence and paragraph is clear. It was said by an expert that reading a sentence again and again is the times better strategy rather than cramping it simply. So the reading done again and again is something that clears the context of the reader as the blur picture gets clear and visible gradually. The goal is simple that as much as the picture of the context will be clear the more effective the paraphrased sentences can be made by the reader. Take OET exam in Sharjah now! If one retains the key points in his mind will help him to twist or play with the words.

Do rough work

Prepare a draft of the paragraph or sentence to be paraphrased if you are a new language learner then your draft will help you out to point out the grammatical mistakes. This strategy will also give a clue on the matching words or phrases that should be changed to make the content strongly unique. Take IELTS exam in Sharjah!

Some technical points to remember

The reader has to point out the independent clause because the first independent clause has the major information. Go thorough OET review in Sharjah !

The paraphrased form should not start with the same word what the original form of paragraph or sentence is commenced with. To solve this issue the active voice can be converted into passive voice while the passive voice into the active voice.

The relationship between the two nouns or objects are shown cannot be changed because the context of the original form will change. If there are events exist within the original form then the sequence of the events cannot be changed in paraphrasing.
The more possible changes done more is the standard of the paraphrased paragraph or sentence without tampering its context. This all you can practice with the best IELTS training and take OET and PTE exam in Sharjah.

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