Emotional Intelligence Training Sharjah

Emotions are involved in everything people do in their everyday life, in every action, in decision making and in every judgement. Emotionally intelligent people recognize their emotions and use their thinking to manage their emotions rather than being managed by them. It is also an important indicator on how emotion influences a person’s behaviour in work place, school and personal life. The overall result suggest that EI plays a significant role in the job performance, motivation, decision-making, successful management and leadership.

What will you learn:-
  • Importance of using Emotional Intelligence
  • Better understanding of self- management and self-awareness.
  • Better control over one’s actions and emotions.
  • Positive impact on one’s professional and personal lives.
  • An ability to create an environment for productive work relationships.
  • Responding efficiently in difficult and challenging situations
  • An approach for better intentional actions
  • An ability to self-motivate while tempering negative responses.
  • Effective Team communication skills for meetings, decision-making and creative problem solving
  • An ability to demonstrate good leadership and management skills that promote trust, motivation and commitment to results.
Course Outline:-
  • Module 1: Getting Started
  • Module 2: What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Module 3: Five Skills in Emotional Intelligence.
    • Self-Awareness
    •  Self-Regulation
    •  Self-Motivation
    •  Empathy
    •  Effective Relationships
  • Module 4: Verbal Communication
  • Module 5: Non- Verbal Communication
  • Module 6: Social Management & Responsibility
  • Module 7: Tools to Regulate your Emotions
  • Module 8: Gaining Control
  • Module 9: Business Practices
  • Module 10: Making an Impact
  • Module 11: Completion of Action Plans & Evaluations
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