The Arabic language course, in Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute, is the perfect program for those who want to develop their Arabic language skills in a dynamic and immersive learning environment. This course is designed to build communication, teamwork and creativity skills, with the objective of improving our Arabic learners ‘understanding of Arabic and their confidence in using it in everyday situations. Our student-centered lessons are developed by our own academic team with decades of experience.

  • Unit one: The Arabic Alphabet – Learn to read and write the letters of the Arabic alphabet.
  • Unit two: Essential Arabic – Practice Arabic words with flashcards.
  • Unit three: Easy Arabic – Learn how to meet and greet people, introduce yourself and others.
  • Unit four: The Root and Pattern System – Learn about this very important feature of the Arabic language.
  • Unit five: First Steps Arabic – A short transition course to form a bridge to the elementary program.
  • Unit one:Revision: Brush up the beginners Level.
  • Unit two: Arabic Number (unlimited)- Students can count and tell Arabic Numbers.
  • Unit three: Introduce yourself in Arabic: Students can frame simple sentences to introduce themselves. They will learn how to show property & relation in Arabic using Pronouns.
  • Unit four: Real Life Conversation, Some general Topics- Students will learn to speak on General Topics. They will learn Arabic Prepositions and their use .
  • Unit five:Learning days of the week & months of the Year. The students will learn how to use Question words in their Sentences & how to use them in Everyday conversations.
  • Unit Six: Learning Directions- The students will learn how to ask for or give directions in Arabic. They will use Ana for different meaning.
  • Unit Seven: How to frame sentences with Noun. The students will learn different naming words & how to use them in sentences. They will learn to frame sentences with useful expressions, learning to greet & reply.
  • Unit One:Express Yourself: The students can express themselves freely. Learning Arabic Subject & Predicate.
  • Unit Two:Learning numbers till Million. The students will also learn how to use HAVE in Arabic sentences.
  • Unit Three:Advanced Conversation- The students are able to share their ideas. They will also learn how to use Verb words in a sentence in Arabic.
  • Unit Four:Learning grammatical rules, how to form sentences and questions. The students can apply grammar in their speech.
  • Unit Five:Learning grammatical rules and exercises. The students can apply grammar in their speech. Learning how to differenciate between Male and Female in Arabic.
  • Unit Six:Learning the opposite and singular plural. The students are able to make verb sentences. How to use commanding verb in Arabic.
  • Unit One:Academic study, focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The students are able to speak properly.
  • Unit Two:Practice speaking and listening exercises. The students are able to speak properly. How to use HAVE in Arabic.
  • Unit Three:Corporate training, teaching spoken Arabic language courses, learning classic and local Emirati dialect for all kinds of companies in UAE.

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