Spoken English (Advanced Level) in Sharjah

This course is for you if you need to be fluent in English. There are people who know reading and writing in English but are seen lacking in the spoken and vocabulary part, while communicating with others. As we know, without speaking practice it’s impossible to learn and speak any language. In Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute, the English Speaking classes are ideal for all age group learners. .

On Registration day, you will be assessed with short verbal and written assignment. After evaluating, our trainers will make sure you achieve the required level with ease.

Topics we cover in our Spoken English course:-

Learning the “Usage of Prepositions”:-

  • Practical Implication of “Prepositions”
  • Learning “Writing Skills”
  • Practical Implication of “Writing Skills”
  • Learning “Presentation Skills”
  • Public Speaking
  • Voice and Accent
  • Metaphor
  • Simile
  • Business Letters
  • Subject Verb Agreement
  • Parallelism Errors
    We have an experienced staff of trainers and experts to give the best advice to the students. Professional trainers also give individual attention to the students to perform well. They know how academic theory relates to the real-world conditions, and they are dedicated to sharing the practical dimension in the class. Special counselling sessions are also arranged by the professionals to understand the real challenge and to give the expert advice on career selection and opportunities. You can know more about spoken English. We offer special weekend classes for professionals and homemakers too.

    Learning English or any other language takes time and effort. Our training, in Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute, will help you improve your vocabulary, become fluent and confident. You will be able to correct your grammatical errors and remove hesitation while communicating.

    We make the learning a lot easier by providing you:
    • Conversation oriented training program from beginner to advanced level.
    • Highly experienced and engaging native English Trainers to provide guidance and motivation.
    • Course material with supporting CDs to practice in your free time.
    • A pleasant learning environment and convenient schedules on weekdays and weekends.
    • Private, semi-private and group classes available

    The focus will be on basic to advanced grammar, day to day conversation skills, as well as writing grammatically correct sentences. There will be multiple Confidence Building sessions to make you ready and help you face any situation in the real world.

    With the use of new technology, Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute empowers students and professionals with excellent English speaking skills. If you are searching for Spoken English classes in Sharjah, Elite Stars Easy Learn Institute is the right place for your choice.

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